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Geological Materials found in Fujairah
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Geological components found in Fujairah

The bedrock geology of the Fujairah Emirate comprises of igneous rocks of the Oman- UAE aphiolite that formed during the late Triassic and Early Jurassic. Its extends for over 500 km through the mountains of Northern Oman and the UAE and is considered one of the largest and the best exposed aphiolites in the world.

The mountain chains, plateaus, valleys, oasis and the sandy beaches form the overall geological formations of Fujairah Emirates, where mountains are the largest proportion of the formations. The mountain formations which have been affected by different earth movements such as lifting , folding , faulting, sliding , overlapping and intersections of the SEMAIL OPHIOLITE COMPLEX , which took place in the upper part and comprises a mixture of Peridolites, Gabbros, Pillow lavas and Grantic volcanised metamorphic rocks.

As for AL HAWASINA GROUP which appeared in the MIDDLE & LOWER parts, mainly consists of Limestone, Chert, Siliceous Mudrock, Lime-Mudstone, Calcareous Shale and Mudstone.


Details about Gabro Rocks in Fujairah are following:


Details about LimeStone Rocks in Fujairah are following:

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